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  13. Hunter Creek - Ivory


  • We are so excited to be a proud stockist of such an incredible product, made right at our back door!!! Having Australian Made products in our store is very high on consumers list of importance when they are looking for fashion & headwear. The OoGee Headware ticks all the boxes. Australian Made (West Gosford infact!) Looks Amazing. They come in all sizes and suit all genders. Easy to just throw in the car, and when you get it out from under the picnic rug, water bottles and school backpacks it still looks great and doesn't lose its shape. There are styles to suit everyone! We have the whole range in the store, the stand looks super smart and customers love them!! Thank you ooGee for such an incredible product!

    Enchanted on conadilly - Gunnedah

  • As an Aussie business we take a lot of time to support Aussie owned and made businesses as we strongly believe in the support local campaign. Our customers love the overall feel of ooGee hats and find them comfortable which is a nod to the flexibraid, allowing a great fit. As a country town surrounded by farms, many people select ooGee for their wide brim and ability to maintain their shape no matter what you do with it. Many people are attract to the many colours and styles for both men & women. Aussie made is such an important thing for us as a business as well for our customers as we all want to see jobs and industries stay local within Australia and it is amazing ooGee has maintained this along with its great quality.

    Deni clothing Co - deniliquin

  • Horseland Midland introduced ooGee hats to our extensive product range 8 months ago. The exceptionally strong sales lead us to share this exciting brand with our National Office and you can now find these hats in Horseland stores across Australia. Our customers find the ooGee hats light and comfortable enough to wear in our hot summer climate. Some customers are buying the OoGee hat to complete a special occasion outfit, others find them durable enough to offer protection while outside working in the elements.   The Horseland Midland sales team love the OoGee hats as there is a style and colour range to suit everyone’s taste and budget!

    Horseland Midland

  • I love these hats. Incredible quality, great fit (adjustable), stylish, comfortable, sun smart, fashionable, you can dress up or down, great for the beach and also for everyday wear. I have the ivory and the sand. These are a solid 10/10 for me and a must have.

    Jo - 50 so what

  • It’s an amazing product, made in Australia, adjustable and foldable.  Literally the perfect travel companion. As a hat specialist I wish I knew about these amazing hats years ago. What a gem of a find!

    Molong Stores - Molong

  • I phone yesterday to enquire about availability and delivery of a hat I wanted to take away with me overseas...end of this week! I then placed my order online - and hey presto...before I was even up this morning, Australia Post woke me with their delivery. I was stunned. Between you and Australia Post - well done! But that's not all - I'm an amateur artist, and I went out sketching with a group of 4 this morning - we were sketching in glorious, but hot, full sun...with my hat on of course. (Nice fit by the way). Anyway, when we finished up I was amazed that when I took the hat off to get in my car, that for once my hair wasn't wringing wet with perspiration. I'm happy! Cheers.

    Peter J